American Greetings wanted to capture attention by disrupting South by Southwest Interactive, one of the world’s largest digital festivals, by their very analog presence. To make this happen we created analog, interactive experiences including stitched selfies, a coloring paper pulp wall, typewriter stations for letter writing, vinyl record stations and a photo booth for creating analog gifs.

I developed the photo booth and designed the experience to be as analog as possible. I gave the booth an old school look and let the users be very hands on in the creation of the gifs. As a user you entered your name on a typewriter (that I had turned into a computer keyboard), hit a big button and posed in front of the camera for 4 seconds. The frames from the captured video were then printed on labels with your name on it and brand ambassadors helped you assemble a flipbook.

Tools: Processing, Arduino, AppleScript
Partners: GUILD, MullenLowe
Client: American Greetings

Photos courtesy of GUILD



The video below is from when the ASMRrequests youtube channel visited #ANALOG by American Greetings.