Nya Malmö Latin

These two brass plates are the guardians of an exhibition space at Nya Malmö Latin, a high school founded in the 15th century. In 2013 the school reopened after going through extensive renovation. The school has a strong creative profile and the exhibition was meant to promote the schools programs where art, media and science meet.

The installation is the result of my bachelor thesis, written together with Jonathan Chomko. The plates are perceived as living creatures as they communicate awareness of visitors by turning toward bypassers. The brass plates are mounted on servo motors and the movements are calculated by data from a camera image. While the material speaks to the heritage of the building, the juxtaposition with digital technology represents the schools new profile. It also arouses curiosity and laughter in the visitors.

Tools: Processing, Arduino
Partners: Jonathan Chomko
Client: Nya Malmö Latin

Photos courtesy of Jamin Pirnia


The videos below show the earliest and later prototypes.