Creative Technologies in the Classroom (CTC) is a high school curriculum consisting of playful projects aimed at transforming the way technology is taught in schools around the world, developed by the Swedish branch of Arduino. These projects introduce basic concepts in programming, electronics, and mechanics from a creative perspective in an approachable way. CTC challenges traditional methods of learning technology by encouraging teachers and students to learn by doing and combining technology classes with arts and crafts. 300 schools from around the world are currently participating in CTC.

I was the coordinator of CTC Sweden which involved teaching and tutoring participating high school teachers as well as doing site visits to schools to ensure the quality of the classes. I was involved in all educational content creation, including writing tutorials, designing playful projects and developing libraries for the Arduino platform. You can see the assembled projects in action in the CTC vimeo album.

Tools: Arduino, C++, WordPress
Partners: Arduino Verkstad

Photos courtesy of Mikael Ericsson, Arduino Verkstad